Commit 93019372 authored by Marco Konersmann's avatar Marco Konersmann

Fixes that a wrong codeElement was set during IAL translations

parent 370d1520
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ public abstract class AbstractModelCodeTransformation<ELEMENTECLASS extends EObj
if (priorIDRegistry != null && priorModelElement != null) {
if (this instanceof IALTransformation)
codeElement = (JAVAELEMENTCLASS) priorIDRegistry.getCodeElementFromTranslationModelElement(
((IALTransformation<?, ?>) this).getIALHolder().getFoundationalIALElement());
((IALTransformation<?, ?>) this).getIALHolder().getPriorFoundationalIALElement());
codeElement = (JAVAELEMENTCLASS) priorIDRegistry
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