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package org.codeling.lang.ejbWithStatemachine.transformation;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;
import org.codeling.languageregistry.LanguageDefinition;
import org.codeling.utils.CodelingLogger;
import org.codeling.utils.IDRegistry;
import org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject;
import org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EReference;
import org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util.EcoreUtil.Copier;
import org.modelversioning.emfprofile.Stereotype;
* Recovers model elements that an ADL does not work with. When an ADL does not
* use a specific profile, the information from the application of that profile
* is lost during the IL2ADL step. This class can be used to recover this
* information.
* Elements within profiles which the ADL does not work with are copied and the
* references of the copied elements are fixed to target their expected target
* elements within the new IL model.
public class RecoverPriorModelElements {
CodelingLogger log = new CodelingLogger(getClass());
PriorIlToNewIlCopier copier;
public void recoverAll(List<EObject> priorIlModel, List<EObject> newIlModel, LanguageDefinition adl,
IDRegistry idRegistry, IDRegistry priorIdRegistry) {
copier = new PriorIlToNewIlCopier(idRegistry, priorIdRegistry, newIlModel);
for (final EObject priorIlElement : priorIlModel) {
final boolean isInProfile = priorIlElement.eClass() instanceof Stereotype;
if (isInProfile && !isProfileActive(adl, priorIlElement.eClass().getEPackage().getNsURI())) {
try {
final EObject recoveredElement = recoverElement(priorIlElement, newIlModel);
} catch (final IllegalArgumentException e) {
log.warning("Could not recover an element", e);
private boolean isProfileActive(LanguageDefinition adl, String nsURI) {
final List<String> selectedModules = adl.getSelectedModules();
return selectedModules.contains(nsURI);
private EObject recoverElement(EObject priorIlElement, List<EObject> newIlModel) {
final EObject copy = copier.copy(priorIlElement);
return copy;
* Copies an IL element from before a change in an ADL and fixes the outgoing
* edges: It replaces the original targets with the targets in the newly
* composed IL model from after the change in the ADL.
class PriorIlToNewIlCopier extends Copier {
private static final long serialVersionUID = -1359443960498580586L;
IDRegistry idRegistry;
IDRegistry priorIdRegistry;
List<EObject> ilModelRoots;
public PriorIlToNewIlCopier(IDRegistry idRegistry, IDRegistry priorIdRegistry, List<EObject> ilModelRoots) {
this.idRegistry = idRegistry;
this.priorIdRegistry = priorIdRegistry;
this.ilModelRoots = ilModelRoots;
protected void copyReference(EReference ref, EObject original, EObject clone) {
final Object originalTarget = original.eGet(ref);
if (originalTarget == null)
// The reference might be not set.
if (ref.isMany()) {
final Collection<EObject> originalTargetList = (Collection<EObject>) originalTarget;
final Collection<EObject> cloneTargetList = new LinkedList<EObject>();
for (final EObject originalTargetElement : originalTargetList) {
final String targetId = priorIdRegistry.getIDFromIntermediateLanguageElement(originalTargetElement);
if (targetId == null)
continue; // this happens, when a prior il object has been deleted. Ignore.
final EObject cloneTarget = idRegistry.getIntermediateLanguageModelElement(targetId, ilModelRoots);
clone.eSet(ref, cloneTargetList);
} else {
final String targetId = priorIdRegistry.getIDFromIntermediateLanguageElement((EObject) originalTarget);
final EObject cloneTarget = idRegistry.getIntermediateLanguageModelElement(targetId, ilModelRoots);
clone.eSet(ref, cloneTarget);
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